William Shakespeare was an English playwright, poet and actor and regarded as the greatest writer in the English language...Shakespeare house is about creating memorable experiences and opportunities for those to become the best that they can be.

I am so excited to represent Shakespeare as your head of house and as part of that role along with the other heads of house we have a clear vision to promote values in line with the ethos of Southam College: high expectations to be the best you can be, supporting one another around school, providing opportunities for you to be the person you aspire to be and giving independence to take on responsibility and thrive in your learning environment.

As part of Shakespeare you will experience a wealth of competition, oppportunity and togetherness. I am a strong believer in working as a team to bring about success and am whole heartedly committed to providing support and encouragement to the house and everyone in it to achieve our goals.

I want Shakespeare students to be proud of the house they represent, to contribute to competitions and to feel like part of a community that achieves together. It is a known fact that winning isn't easy and that is why a strong, supportive house that comes together is the best strategy.

Throughout the year Shakespeare students can participate in a wide range of house competitions tailored to meet the needs and challenges of each individual student. For entering and taking part in competitions HAPs can be won. The main way to win HAPs for your house is through good behaviour in lessons, helpfulness, progress, outstanding home learning and many more ways!

Keep your eyes peeled for house competitions on our house board and through the website!

Let's make the next year a huge success!!

Miss MacLachlan, Head of Shakespeare

September 2017

Congratulations to Georgia Perkins, Ben McCann, Amber Pearce and Mariam Zak for successfully becoming the Shakespeare House Captains!

I am hoping that they will help to bring Shakespeare the win!! SHOUT FOR SHAKESPEARE!!


A big congratulations to Holly H, Harvey C, Alex G, Tom P, Abbie U, Olivia C and Owen D who are this years Sports Captains for Shakespeare!

I'm looking forward to a successful year of sport with your support and enthusiasm!

Miss MacLachlan, Head of Shakespeare

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