Webb Ellis

William Webb Ellis was born on 24th November.... Sharing the same birthday as the student who historically originated the game of Rugby, there was never any doubt that this would be the house I would support, it was meant to be!

I am delighted to be part of the Head of House team. Although each House has its own characteristics, all Heads of House have a clear vision to promote values in line with the ethos of Southam College; the need to have high expectations of and for all students. I will do exactly that to ensure everyone has the opportunity to become involved and try new memorable experiences. I really value the importance of promoting a strong ethos of consideration and support for each other in all areas of life around the school, understanding student achievement is not just on an academic level, but also to recognise and develop your own aspirations wherever you can.

I think it is really important to ensure students receive recognition and praise, big or small, so you will see me regularly visiting your tutor groups, attending competitions to encourage participation and promoting your excellence in assembles . I have been hugely impressed with the commitment and hard work from Webb Ellis students; you’re doing a great job of upholding the excellent Webb Ellis reputation that you created! A big thank you to the Webb Ellis Sports Captains for your continuous hard work, whether it’s signing students up for House sport, helping with organising Sports Day or acting as role models, you have shown an excellent ability to take on student responsibilities.

We look forward to seeing you involved in our upcoming events this year; Sports Day and House sport to name a few! Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our display board, announcements in assemblies and over social media for ways you can get involved to increase our HAPS total! Continue your hard work, whether it’s for a clear planner or aiming to be ‘student of the month’, you can earn a great deal of HAPS even by simply being polite and helpful towards staff members and students. Stay motivated and immerse yourself in activities across the school where you can!

Please come along to see me if you have any of your own suggestions for the House or to discuss any matters you need, you will find me in Sixth Form or LS3!Please also speak to your captains for any house related questions as they do a brilliant job at raising the profile of Webb Ellis across the school.


House Captains 2017/2018

We are excited to announce our new Year 13 Webb Ellis House Captains for 2017-2018. Our HouseCaptains are Connie White and Jake Brooks. Our Vice Captains are Chloe Mason-Tocker and Sarah Dimambro-Denson. I look forward to working alongside all of our Captains; I know these students will be excellent role models and will do their best to engage with the younger year groups.

Sports Captains 2017/2018

We are excited to announce our Sports Captains for 2017-2018. Our new Year 7 Captains are Zak Benson and Amelia Blumberger. Well done for your great interview and applications for the role. We are excited to welcome Megan Free in year 8 to for the girls Sports captain role, alongside Ben Kay who has decided to continue his role again this year for the year 8 boys. For year 9, we are pleased that Louie Bulyka and Megan Hughes still wish to continue as they have been fantastic over the last few years. For year 10, we look forward to another year with Alice Parsons for the girls and we welcome Ryan Alexander who is our new year 10 captain for the boys. For year 11, we are very pleased that Max Hurtubise and Shauna O'Neill still wish to continue with their captain roles. I know these students will be excellent role models and will do their best to engage with all students within the House.

Once again, a big well done to Webb Ellis for becoming the House champions at the end of the last academic year. I hope to see your passion, enthusiasm and positive attitude shine through again for 2017/2018 Webb Ellis!

Miss Campbell

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