Duke of Edinburgh Award 2021 update (26th February 2021)

With the re-opening of school in March we are pleased that we can now start D of E for 2021.  Please see below for dates for the first training days.  These will all take place in the CORE block and be classroom based training including first aid and route planning for the expeditions.  We will not be doing outside navigation at this stage so students do not need to bring outdoor clothing or boots.  Please bring a packed lunch and you can be in non-uniform.  Please also bring your phone so you can update your parent/carer if we finish early or slightly late.  

Sat 20th March: Training day 1 for Silver and Gold  9am – 3pm in the CORE block

Sat 27th March: Training day 1 for Bronze 9am – 3pm in the CORE block

Once we have further information on the removal of restrictions we will update parents and students about dates for the second training days and the expeditions.

Please also check parent pay for your progress on the instalments.  We are not asking for full payment until it is confirmed that the expeditions are taking place, however we would appreciate if 50% of the payment can have been made prior to the first training day.  

If you have any questions, please contact Mr Bradbury at School bradbury.k@welearn365.com