GCSE and A Level Results 2021

Appeals Process
The school has written and had approved by the examination boards, a policy that sets out the ways in which the Teacher Assessed Grades for GCSE and A Level have been arrived at. It can be found in the Policies section of the school website. 
Throughout the process of awarding Teacher Assessed Grades, an internal quality assurance processes has taken place prior to the grades being sent to the exam boards.  We are confident that the judgements are firmly based on the evidence we have gathered and that the final grades are free from unconscious discrimination or bias. Reasonable adjustments; access arrangements and special consideration have all been applied as part of these processes. 
We have also conducted a full review of documentation and processes to ensure that all subjects have followed the centre policy in full accordance.  

The arrangements for appeals 
When you receive your grade, if you think you have been awarded an inaccurate grade for a particular subject or an error has been made in the way it has been calculated, you have the right to appeal. 
There is a Priority appeal window (only for those who require an appeal for a university offer) and a standard appeal window. If you wish for a priority appeal you must meet the deadlines detailed below otherwise it will be processed as a non-priority appeal.  
There are two stages to the appeals process:
  • Stage 1 - Centre Review  
  • Stage 2 - Appeal to the awarding organisation (exam board)
Stage 1 – Centre review
If you don’t think you have been issued with the correct grade, you can appeal to the school. We will review whether we; 
  • made an administrative error, e.g. submitted an incorrect grade; used an incorrect assessment mark when determining your grade. 
  • did not apply a procedure correctly, e.g. did not follow our Centre Policy, did not undertake internal quality assurance, did not take account of access arrangements or mitigating circumstances. 
Please complete Part A of the form here if you wish to make an appeal at stage 1.  The outcome of the appeal may result in the grade remaining the same, being lowered or raised.  Once you have completed Part A, submit this by e-mail to exam4114@welearn365.com   
If you conduct a Stage 1 appeal we will return your form with the outcome completed in Part B.  Check this carefully before you decide if you wish to proceed to stage 2. 
Stage 2 – Appeal to the awarding organisation 
An appeal to the awarding organisation will only be submitted if the first stage, centre review, has been completed and the outcome of the first stage has been issued to you.

There are 3 main grounds for an appeal to the awarding organisation: 
  • If you believe there is still a procedural error following the Stage 1 centre review
  • If the awarding organisation has made an administrative error,
  • You consider that the grade awarded was an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement either because the evidence chosen by the school was unsuitable or because you feel the judgement of the teachers to determine your grade was unreasonable. 
To proceed, you must complete the Stage 2 section of your original stage 1 appeal form.  This must be done by the date(s) indicated below. It must be e-mailed to exam4114@welearn365.com   

Following this: 
  • The school will submit the appeal on your behalf.  
  • The awarding organisation will determine the grade at appeal and the outcome will be final 
  • The outcome of the appeal may result in the grade remaining the same, being lowered or raised 
  • There is no further opportunity to appeal the outcome to the awarding organisation 
  • The awarding organisation’s appeal outcome letter will be provided to you as soon as reasonably practical after the outcome letter from the awarding organisation is received in the centre. This will be sent to the email address that the original Stage 1 appeal form was sent. 
  • The appeal outcome letter will include the next appropriate steps, where applicable, to apply for a procedural review to the Exam Procedures Review Service (EPRS) Note - Once a finding has been made you cannot withdraw your request for a centre review or appeal. If your grade has been lowered, you will not be able to revert back to the original grade you received on results day. 


Key Dates

Results Days

Tuesday 10th August 2021 A level Results Day 
Thursday 12thAugust 2021 GCSE Results day 


Appeals Process

Monday 16th August Candidate deadline to submit Priority Appeals Stage 1 Centre Review 
Thursday 19th August Candidate deadline to submit Priority Appeal Stage 2 Appeal to Awarding Organisation
Friday 3rd Sept Candidate deadline for non-priority Appeals Stage 1 Centre Review
Monday 13th Sept Candidate deadline for non-priority Appeals Stage 2 Appeal to Awarding Organisation