Charity Week 2017

Students and staff came together to raise money through a range of activities including our 24 hour netball. Thank you to everyone involved.

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Park Lane

Park Lane were invited to spend the day at the Yamaha Headquarters in Milton Keynes where they were given a very professional experience of recording their own song, Jade and Gold.

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Southam's Got Talent 2018

A massive well done to all of the students who took part in Southam's Got Talent! Students ranging from years 7-10 competed in the recent house competition, showcasing their talents. The show included: singing, dancing, acting and musicians.

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Science Week Day 5

On the final day of Science Week, the students were demonstrated experiments using dry ice. Including the rainbow flask, dry ice bubbles, freezing flowers and of course, science week ended with a bang with an explosion on the field!

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House Competition

Create a leaflet for our charity this year Make a Wish.

All entries to receive HAPs and 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th to be printed to be used in Charities Week

Entries to come to Mr Adkins, Miss O'Leary and Miss Briggs by 18th April

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Science Week Day 4

Day 4 of Science Week saw year 7 and 8 taking part in a rocket competition. Students had to build a rocket using a photo canister and had to decide on their fuel mixture, using aka-seltzer tablets.

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Science Week Day 3

Today in Science Week the teachers and students we doing a variety of dissections. From rats, mice and a snake to plucks. Students were demonstrated by teachers how to dissect the major organs and they were able to join in with dissecting the rats and mice.

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Science Week

The science bake off was a roaring success today! We had brains, eyes, periodic tables, Solar systems, Isaac Newton, beakers and much more!

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