Keeping children safe online

Southam College has joined, with Warwickshire, to be an early adopter of some enhanced safeguarding software for the internet. All use of the school internet is being monitored by two pieces of software - Policy Central Enterprise and Smoothwall Safeguarding. The aim of using these software is to keep children and young people safe.

These software allow us to detect particular words, or combinations of words which may be a cause for concern. A report is automatically sent to senior school staff if there is a concern. We will then investigate the context of use of words and follow-up with the student, teacher and parents as required.

All PCs, laptops, phones and other internet ready devices connected to the school internet are monitored. The software will monitor web addresses visited, web searches and page content. The type of language being identified includes Prevent, swear words and slang, self harm, bullying, drugs, racism, predators and network security.

We hope that this will prove a very useful addition, and will help the school to identify students who are potentially in difficulties, or struggling with bullying. It will also help us to monitor and identify students who may be involved in more serious matters.

Mrs Bull