Southam College looks to parents to provide the strongest possible support in maintaining our high standard of uniform in years 7 to 11. The uniform is smart and functional and can often prove the cheapest way of clothing students.

House Colours

Godiva - Blue, Webb Ellis - Yellow, Whittle - Red, Shakespeare - Purple



  • Southam College logo black uniform trousers, worn at full length (meeting the shoe) 
  • Southam College logo skirt, this must be worn at knee length 
  • Bottle green blazer with badge – single breasted 
  • White shirt (tucked in) 
  • Clip-on bottle green tie with house stripe 
  • Shoes – black leather (not boots, pumps trainers including Nike air, open toes, sling backs or high heels) 
  • Socks or tights – black, grey, white or bottle green (not patterned)  
  • Bottle green, grey or black “V” neck pullover with or without sleeves (no cardigans) 
  • Belts should be one colour (Dark grey or black) 
  • Scarf – solid colour in black, grey, white or bottle green  
  • Plain, dark-coloured top coat (no embellishments and longer length than blazer). Reflective coats are permitted (these will be grey rather than a dark colour) but casual hooded tops are not permitted. 


Colours – Black and emerald 

  • Black and emerald polo shirt with Southam College logo - for indoor and summer usage  
  • Black and emerald fleece top or emerald reversible rugby shirt with Southam College logo - for outdoor and winter usage  
  • Shorts or skort – either plain black from stockists or black and emerald with Southam College logo  
  • Plain emerald football socks or black and emerald football socks 
  • Training shoes – non-marking sole for indoor usage 
  • Football or rugby boots with safety studs (consider short plastic blades that can be worn on grass and astro to minimise cost) 
  • Shin pads 
  • Gum shield 
  • YEAR 7 ONLY - Swimming shorts or costume (no two-piece swimming attire) 

Optional Extra PE Uniform

Colours – Black 

  • Sports base layers for warmth – plain black 
  • Leggings – plain black (leggings may only be worn underneath shorts or skort) 

Please note, where plain black is stated, there should be no visible logos. 



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