At Southam College we champion and firmly believe in a holistic education and an inclusive curriculum which enables all our students to receive an outstanding learning experience. This belief is in line with the whole school ethos of ‘be the best you can be’ and supports the whole school values of ‘Confidence, Kindness, Resilience,’ which underpin the importance of equality for all.

We aim to provide an education that provides children with opportunities to explore and develop their own views values, and wider Global Virtues, whilst recognising that those of others may differ. Beliefs, spiritual awareness, high standards of personal behaviour including a positive caring attitude towards other people, an understanding of their social and cultural traditions and an appreciation of the diversity and richness of other cultures are all critical skills and dispositions that we nurture, encourage, and develop through our inclusive curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and memorable experiences.

As part of our commitment to promoting Equality and Diversity, we have selected three objectives which we are working towards as part of our Equality and Diversity Policy:

Objective 1: Increase student involvement in the planning and delivery of awareness weeks

Objective 2: Continue to diversify the curriculum through representation, usualising diversity and considering diverse role models, voices, stories and perspectives

Objective 3: Support staff and students to engage in respectful conversations about controversial, sensitive issues around equality, identity, discrimination, human rights and social justice


Please find below a selection of useful links and resources that support and promote all protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010 and our commitment to Equality and Diversity in general.

'Don't stand by, stand up' - a Southam College Podcast:

 Listen to Mr Samra, Miss Patel and Mr Richter discussing what their cultural heritage means to them and their experience of coming from a different background.

Click to listen