Information for parents and students
What is Educake?
Educake is a website providing multiple choice questions including Biology, Chemistry and Physics for key stage 3 and 4 students.

What homelearning will be set?
Each piece of home learning will consist or 20-30 multiple choice questions. Student will instantly be informed of their attainment.

How often will home learning be set?
All students will be set Educake home learning every week (years 7, 8 and 9) or 3 times per fortnight (years 10 and 11).

Do students require a log in?
Yes, students in years 8-11 will already have a username and password. Parents will all receive an email containing this username. All passwords will have automatically been reset to the same as the username.

How should Educake home learning be completed?
Educake is to be used as a learning tool, it is NOT A TEST! Therefore students should complete the activities with their revision guides, exercise books or online textbooks available for reference. Educake is used to secure learning from the classroom by repetition.

Can students retake quizzes?
Yes! If a student is not satisfied with their score they are welcome to try again and their highest score will be submitted.

How do students know home learning has been set?
Educake home learning will be set via Class Charts. This will be set by a science teacher who may not teach the specific student.

Is there an app?
Students can download an app to their mobile phones to complete home learning tasks set. However, when using Educake through a web browser (eg, Safari, Edge, Chrome) it is easier to select topics for individual revision.

Can Educake be used for revision?
Educake is an excellent revision tool which can be used in preparation for end of topic tests. However, when using Educake through a web browser (eg, Safari, Edge, Chrome) it is easier to select topics for individual revision.

What happens if home learning is not completed?
If home learning is not completed then sanctions will include emails to parents and no home work afterschool detentions.

What happens if students forget their username or password?
If students forget their username and password or have difficulty logging in then they must contact their science teacher BEFORE the homework is due. This can be done either face to face or by emailing their teacher. Science teachers will be able to reset passwords.

How do teachers use Educake?
Teacher will be using Educake to identify areas of weakness for each science group. It can also be used to identify students who may need extra support within lessons or students who need to be pushed further in lessons. Attainment and completion of Educake tasks also forms part of the ATL (attention to learning) and Home learning levels produced on students’ reports.