Head of Houses
Mr Elkerton, Head of Webb Ellis
Miss Dicken, Head of Shakespeare
Mrs Turton and Mrs Morten, Joint Head of Whittle
Mr Jeffries , Head of Godiva


All students are placed into one of four houses: Godiva (Blue), Webb Ellis (Yellow) Shakespeare (Purple) or Whittle (Red).

The aim of the house system is to create the best possible ethos for students’ personal and social development and for the achievement of their potential in all aspects of college life. This is achieved through encouraging all students to take part in house activities and to give a sense of belonging and participation, whilst at the same time helping others less fortunate than themselves. Older students are encouraged to play a nurturing role to create a family atmosphere and to provide role models to younger students. All student leaders are expected to model our values of kindness, confidence and resilience at all times and to inspire other students to follow their example.

Students also have the opportunity to represent their house and tutor group by taking part in the College Council which is chaired by the Head Students.