International Schools

International Activities Summary

The governors and staff at Southam College recognise that global issues are important in the lives of students. As a school we aim to promote interculturalism; we continue to embed a global dimension into school life and curriculum by carefully mapping experiences and trips  against year and age groups.  This has included implementing cross-curricular activities on theme days such as “European Day of Languages’, Amnesty Week’, Global Virtues Week’. We aim to give every single student in the school the opportunity to experience international concepts and learning. All Students are regularly given the opportunity to take part in a variety of House competitions in order to nurture moral, cultural and spiritual learning and provide students with an interest and a chance to research and learn about customs and traditions in other countries. We are committed to provide students with memorable experiences that extend to multicultural learning opportunities e.g. providing them with language learning experiences in France, Germany and Spain in KS 3,4 and 5. In the History Battlefields trip for KS4 students learn about our past and respecting history and the impact of culture.  Post 16 students travel to Uganda or India to complete charity projects in deprived schools giving them insight into completely different life styles and upbringing to theirs. The Geography trip to Iceland, where students study and experience geographical features, customs and traditions of the region. Since the accreditation ‘17 we continued our strong links with the German Exchange which has been running for 12 year, successfully established an Exchange with a school in Spain, applied for funding from the British Council and visited and welcomed our Spanish Partner school. In 2018/2019 Post 16 students took their first Y13 trips to Rome with Philosophy and Ethics and Disneyland Paris with Health and Social Care and Careers. We employ French, German and Spanish Foreign Language assistants, who work with the majority of Southam students over the course of their school life and therefore contribute to the international learning. We have a very committed student led Amnesty International team who run campaigns against human right violations they believe in and regularly discuss global issues. Southam students have worked hard to act as ambassadors for cultural learning chairing events with other local schools.


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