Welcome to the Library at Southam College

At Southam College reading matters to all of us and reading is promoted and encouraged throughout the school.

Our College Library is a busy hub of learning at the heart of the school.  Resources include an extensive range of fiction books to suit all tastes, ages and abilities, non-fiction books and study guides.  There are also 15 networked computers with internet access and a black and white printer for students to use.  There is a stationery shop in the library which stocks a wide range of stationery to ensure that all students have the necessary equipment for school.

The aims of the library are to promote reading for pleasure in order to support our pupil’s literacy development, and to provide relevant and appropriate study materials to support teaching and learning from Key Stage 3 right up to sixth form.

Students are encouraged to read a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction titles, to participate in library events, and to influence the character of the library with reviews and suggestions.

The library is open from 8.30am every morning and at break and lunch time for students to browse, exchange books, read and complete home learning.



By Jo Cotterill


Amina has always been told; don’t forget your place, don’t ask questions, don’t make up stories.
Then her village is ravaged by war, and her family torn apart.  Now Amina and her sister face the most dangerous journey of their lives – and Amina’s imagination may be the only thing to see them through …

Jo Cotterill writes about life as a refugee, creating a moving and inspiring story of a family caught in a fight for survival.  The vivid characters and thought-provoking events raise important and relevant ideas about the world today.

June 20th is World Refugee Day






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