KS4 Business


GCSE Business covers a wide range of topics. We use the OCR exam board and there are 2 units we study:

  • Business 1 – Business activity, marketing and people
  • Business 2 – Operations, finance and influences on business

This qualification is 100% examined, with Business 1 and Business 2 both being worth 50% of the total grade. Both papers have 80 marks and are 1 and a half hour exams to be taken at the end of Year 11.

Both units have main topics which are then split into sub-topics as below:


There are 4 units which we cover over the 2 years. 3 units are coursework and 1 units is exam based. The units we study are:

  • Enterprise in the business world – this explores the economy, interest rates, taxation and students will look at creating a business plan for setting up their own small business.
  • Finance for business – this unit looks at different areas of business finance such as costs, profit, breakeven, cash flow, balance sheets etc. Students will sit a computerised test for this unit which is externally assessed.
  • Principles of customer service – this unit covers a range of aspects associated with customer service, looking at how the importance and impact of good customer service, how businesses ensure they give good customer service and skills essential for delivering good customer service. Students will take part in some role plays for this unit, dealing with various customer problems.
  • Recruitment, selection and employment – this is a very practical unit where students will build a portfolio of work covering various aspects of recruitment and employment issues. They will research, create and complete documents involved with the recruitment process, including mock interviews for a particular advertised job.

The BTEC course is a very practical course, covering a wide range of business topics.In addition, we usually run a trip to either Thorpe Park or Alton Towers to study Customer Service further.

This has proven to be a valuable and enjoyable experience as students are able to directly relate what they learn about Thorpe Park or Alton Towers to their coursework.

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