The Department believes that the skills developed in Drama are indispensible to the rest of the curriculum allowing students to excel in interpersonal skills such as team work, openness and maturity. Our ethos consists of creating a safe, confident and open enviroment, conducive to learning. We are absolute advocates of the 'No Put Down Zone', thus allowing students to confront sensitive issues confidently.

The Drama Teachers

Key Stage 3 Drama

At Key Stage 3 we develop the art of expression as an individual and as an ensemble. Drama is studied once a fortnight. With creating, performing and responding to our own and other's work framing the work done we explore this through schemes of work ranging from story telling in Western and World Culture, to zombie films. Year 9 particularly gives students an early grounding in what to expect at GCSEs. Key Stage 3 students are informed and evaluative citizens in the college and know how to work cohesively.

Key Stage 4 Drama

Students study the OCR GCSE specification. They use Drama mediums and explorative strategies to evaluate what is effective Drama. They discover this through the vehicles of a set theme and a set text which is an ongoing voyage done as workshop activities and documented in controlled conditions. Their final exams are both practical and written. The practical element allows student to choose assessment as either as a performer or design artist in; masks, make up, lighting, sound or costume. The written exam requires a theatre visit to be completed so students can evaluate in the second half whilst the rest requires extensive of a play text.

Key Stage 5 Drama

Students study the Edexcel A level specification. They work with practitioners such as Konstantin Stanislavski and Bertolt Brecht. They work proactively to see how their influence develops their understanding of texts. They also develop their own devised work showcasing their knowledge and influences.

Extra Curricular

In Drama, we strive to make extra curricular activities the heart of the department and are increasingly popular with students.

We run several clubs to get students involved on a weekly basis.

  • Key Stage 3 Drama Club allows younger students to create theatre with other years as well as develop skills introduced in Key Stage 4, as an introduction to what they might expect at GCSE level.
  • Backstage Pass, a technical club for students to learn about the other side of the industry (lighting, rigging, FXs etc).
  • Musical Theatre Society. Learn the songs and dance routines from your favourite musicals.