English Revision

21st October 2018

Year 10 Revision Booklet - Paper 1 Section A

27th March 2018 - English Language Revision Booklet - Paper 1

English Language Revision Booklet - Paper 1

English Language Revision Booklet
Paper 1

16th March 2018 - Year 12 & 13 English Language

Use this revision pack to plan and create practice questions based on topics studied in English Language AS and A Level. This would be a great resource to self or peer assess when complete and use in Silent Study.


16th march 2018 - Year 10

Please find attached a guide for Paper 1 and Paper 2 for the English Language GCSE. The pack contains model responses and checklists for each question - a brilliant resource for revision!

Models for each question

23rd February - Year 11 Poetry Resources

Attached are a range of revision material: Power and Conflict Knowledge Organiser, an example Power and Conflict question and two unseen questions. These resources were during the February half term session. It is advised you print the Knowledge Organiser onto A3 paper.

Poetry Knowledge Organiser

Poetry Resources

23rd February - KS5 English Language

Revision resources for Paper 1 and Paper 2 used in the February half term session.

1st Feb 2018 - KS5 Language

The booklets will aid revision for Language and Gender, Accent, Dialect & Social Class and Power. Use the booklets to complete tasks to develop your AO2 knowledge in preparation for Paper 2 examinations (AS and A Level).

Accent Dialect and Social Class Revision Booklet

Language and Gender Revision Booklet

Power Revision Booklet

Year 11 Literature Paper 2

A revision booklet to be completed as home learning for year 11 students. The tasks in the booklet work through Paper 2 and focus on key characters, context, themes, key quotations, plot recap, structure and essay style questions. Please make sure that students complete the correct text out of Animal Farm (B side) or An Inspector Calls (A side).

Paper 2 booklet CG-NL