Health & Social Care

Out Ethos

In the health and social department we care about every student’s personal development. We aim to aspire and motivate students to ‘be the best they can be’. By linking topics to everyday life situations students are able to immerse themselves in various discussions about relevant units. Some of these topics include physical, intellectual, emotional and social development through the life stages.

The Course

Year 9 - 11

These years are all working towards gaining a qualification for the BTEC Tech award In Health and Social Care.

Year 9 are currently undertaking a foundation year to build their skills and knowledge ready for next year when they start their BTEC (Pearsons) Tech award in health and social care. Students will overall be graded with a: Level 2 distinction*, level 2 distinction, level 2 merit, level 2 pass or level 1.

Topics they will study include:

  • Unit 1: (Internal – 30%) Human Lifespan Development
  • Unit 2: (Internal – 30%) Health and Social Care Services and Values
  • Unit 3: (External – 40%) Health and wellbeing

  • Year 10

    This year students are completing unit 1 and unit 2 internal units.

    Year 11

    Students will be completing the external unit (3) which is an exam that they will sit in January.

    Year 12-13

    Year 12-13 students are following the BTEC (Pearsons) extended certificate in health and social care.

    Topics studied in year 12 include: Unit 1: Human lifespan development (External exam) and Unit 5: Meeting individual care and support needs (Internal assignments).

    Topics studied in year 13 BTEC include: Unit 2: Working in health and social care (External exam), Unit 14: physiological disorders (Internal assignments).

    Memorable experiences

  • Barnardos information talks on Child Sexual Exploitation and Sexting
  • Helping at ‘Coventry Open Christmas’ homeless shelter event
  • Visit to Coventry Universities brand new Science and Health Department