History Revision

7th June

Year 11 GCSE History students - well done and thank you to everyone who came and contributed to our pre-exam conference today. We were so impressed with the level of knowledge and skills on show. We have uploaded the power points used in today's session to our website area for you to use at home to support your final preparations for the exam tomorrow. We will see you in the exam breakfast tomorrow P3. Happy History revision!

Crime and Punishment pre-exam session, 2018

USA pre-exam session, 2018

6th June

Year 11 GCSE History students - today you will find a range of activity sheets and information overviews for the USA unit added to our website. Have a go at the challenges to test your knowledge, or use the information to create your own timelines or review content before having a go at example questions from the HL booklets. Remember that the Pre-Exam session is tomorrow afternoon (Thurs 7th June, 1.20 - 4.30pm) in the Core. Happy History revision!

1. Revision overview info, part 1

2. Revision overview info, part 2

3. Story so far, part 1, Great Depression and the New Deal

4. Story so far, part 2, the Civil Rights Movement

5.USA key terms quilt, by theme and time period

5th June

Year 11 GCSE History students - today we are publishing a mix of Crime & Punishment and USA resources to support your independent revision. Use them alongside your exercise books and the department revision guides you have been given to complete the activities suggested. The 'quiz generators' are a good way to test yourself - they will flash through a range of key words / topics - can you describe each one? Remember, you also have your HL booklets and previous assessment questions to test yourself with. Happy History revision!

1. Cold War, Horrible Histories overview

2. Crime and Punishment key terms quilt, by theme and time period

3. Crime and Punishment quiz generator

4. Revision activity mat C&P

5. The USA and the Cold War, describe and explain

6. USA quiz generator, all sections

4th June 2018

Year 11 GCSE History students - congratulations on completing the first 2 History exam papers today! we know you'll be keen to get on with revision for the final two, so we are publishing a range of resources that will help with content revision for the Crime and Punishment paper. These resources mainly cover the Early Modern - Modern time periods, so you will need to use the Revision Guide for help with the Medieval period. There are a range of activities suggested in the resources, or you can use your revision guide and HL booklets to complete example questions. Happy History revision!

1. Catching criminals - 1900 onwards

2. Catching criminals - Early Modern period

3. Catching criminals - Industrial period

4. Causes of crime - 1900 onward

5. Causes of crime - Early Modern period

6. Causes of crime - Industrial period

7. Crime examples across time periods

8. Policing success overview

9. Punishment overview

10. Punishments - 1900 onwards

11. Punishments - Early Modern period

12. Punishments - Industrial period

24th May 2018

Year 11 GCSE History students - today's resource is an overview of Weimar Germany. You could use this to create a post-it note timeline of key events from 1919 or create a 'reasons' factfile to who why the Weimar Government lost support in favour of the Nazi Party. Compare this to your Nazi Germany revision guide and apply your knowledge to exam questions. Happy History revision!

Weimar Germany

21st May 2018

Year 11 GCSE History students: today we are publishing some Crime and Punishment revision materials to support the work you are doing in class and at home. There is an info document that covers the key features of crime and policing in the East End of London, with an overview grid to complete. There is also a Crime and Punishment revision mat with a range of ideas for activities covering all time periods and themes. Happy History revision!

Year 11 GCSE History students - documents have been published on our History department website with key information about important revision dates / events and exam board resources. Please have a look and ask your History teacher if you have any questions. Happy History revision!

Suggested textbooks

Summer term revision plan 2018

Thank you to all who attended the GCSE History revision session today - you showed some great knowledge and had a good overview of exam skills. Unfortunately, due to illness tomorrow's History revision session (Friday 6th April, AM) is cancelled. We are uploading a range of exam skills documents to the History department website for you to use for your own independent revision. You can use the PowerPoint slides as a basis for content review mind-maps, before testing yourself on the exam structures by completing the advice grids (core exam advice sheets are there to help you / check against). Remember that your HL booklets have a range of exam questions that you can complete and bring in for marking. Happy History revision!

Conflict and upheaval, Revision mind maps for key questions

Core exam advice

Crime and Punishment, Revision mind maps, key questions

Development of the USA, Revision mind maps for key questions

Exam dates and skills overview, 2018

Exam skills and structure overview worksheet, revision session

Germany in transition, Revision mind maps for key questions