Media is the fastest growing employment sector in the UK with a vast array of jobs. London is the media capital of Europe, if not the world, with over 600,00 different roles available. At Southam College we aim to study an exciting range of contemporary media texts, from film and television to magazines and websites. As part of the course you will learn and apply media and academic theory to contemporary media debates from 'the new digital world' to the rise and fall of reality television. You will also learn practical techniques for media productions, such as designing your own magazines and producing music videos and promotional campaigns.

year 9 & 10

Year 9 & 10 students are working towards the reformed Eduqas GCSE in Media Studies (Grades 9-1). See outline below:

Compontent 1
Exam 40%
SECTION A: Exploring Media Language & Representation

SECTION B: Exploring Media Industries & Audiences

Compontent 2

Exam 30%

SECTION A: Television


Compontent 3

MEA 40 %

CREATING MEDIA PRODUCTS: Students respond to a choice of briefs