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We believe that the Music Department has a vital role to play within the school and the wider community. Through studying, creating and sharing music, students are able to develop their practical and interpersonal skills. They can also find an outlet for self-expression and can experience contributing to, and being part of a wider community. We believe that music is for everyone and encourage students of all abilities to explore their talents and interests across what is a very broad subject area and hope to foster an enjoyment of music that will last a lifetime.


In years 7 and 8 students have two hours of music lessons per fortnight in mixed ability groups. Through studying topics such as African Drumming (yr7) and The Bach Remix Project (yr8), students develop their understanding of how music is created and the importance it plays in different times, places and cultures. A wide range of practical activities, from learning to play the keyboard to creating GarageBand tracks on our Apple Macbooks, encourage students to explore their musical talents in performing, composing and listening.


Students wanting to further develop their musical interests have the option of studying GCSE music (OCR) in which they develop their performing and composing skills through two coursework based units. They also deepen their understanding of a wide range of musical styles and develop their ability to analyse music through studying genres from The Western Classical tradition, to World Music and through to the conventions of Pop Music. This culminates in a written exam paper.


Students wishing to continue and deepen their musical studies into the sixth form follow the Edexcel A level music course. This further develops their knowledge, skills and understanding from GCSE music, allowing students to finely hone their performance, composition, musical understanding and analytical skills.


The department strives to offer a wide range of high quality extra-curricular opportunities for all students. Please see the list below. Students are also very much encouraged to use the department independently for their own practice and rehearsals.

We enjoy putting on a variety of formal and informal concerts and encourage students of all abilities to take part in these as appropriate. We also enjoy collaborating with the Drama department and for the recent end of year production we staged our own take on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Students wishing to learn an instrument can have a weekly lesson provided by peripatetic staff from the County Music Service. We currently have teachers for violin, viola, woodwind, brass, drum kit, guitar, steel pans and singing.


We currently offer tuition on the following instruments

  • Monday: Drums / Violin and Viola
  • Tuesday: Brass
  • Wednesday: Guitar / Vocal / Steel pans
  • Thursday: Woodwind / Piano and Keyboard
  • Friday: Piano and Keyboard

Please let us know if you are interested in tuition on any other instruments.

Music Tuition is available for a wide range of instruments, singing and music tech. Most tuition is to be booked directly with Warwickshire Music Hub; Please ask your music teacher for an information brochure or visit the website directly at

Steel Pan lessons are provided by The Steel Pan Academy and cello / double bass lessons are provided by an external visiting teacher - see your music teacher for further information.

Please direct financial queries to the college Finance Office and any other queries to the Head of Music, Mrs Thompson.