Aims of the Subject

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. This course will introduce students to the theories and methods of psychology. It offers the opportunity to look at some of the explanations psychologists give to understand humans and their interaction with the world in which we live. From a personal perspective students should find the fundamental questions of the psychologist of particular interest:

  • Why do I behave like this?
  • Why do I feel like this?
  • Why do I think like this?

These questions are explored through a series of activities including research studies and practical work.

Course Description

Examination Board AQA

The AS course will cover six core areas, namely Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Research Methods, Biological Psychology, Social Psychology, and Individual Differences.

These core areas are divided into two assessed units as follows:

Unit 1
  • Cognitive Psychology – Memory
  • Developmental Psychology – Attachment
  • Research Methods – Methods, design and data analysis and presentation
Unit 2
  • Biological Psychology – Stress
  • Social Psychology – Social influence
  • Individual Differences – Psychopathology (abnormality)

The A2 course also consists of two assessed units:

Unit 3
  • Perception
  • Relationships
  • Aggression
Unit 4
  • Psychopathology
  • Psychology in action
  • Research methods